Business agility requires three pillars to stand: Process Agility, Technical Agility, and Personal Agility.

How We Can Help

In today’s rapidly changing technology landscape, where organizations are compelled to make changes in their business operations and development practices in order to remain competitive and sustainable, it becomes increasingly critical to incorporate new methodologies that have proven to improve efficiencies, productivity, and effectiveness across enterprise development teams.

For 20+ years, as technology professionals and leaders with deep experience in software development, systems engineering, project management, enterprise solutions, and IT infrastructure management, we have witnessed first-hand the challenges that organizations face in engaging their development teams to employ new practices and integrate today’s leading-edge methodologies, and leverage this background when helping companies to develop, tailor, and deploy effective Scrum, agile, and lean training and certification programs worldwide.

If you believe your organization is headed for change, and you would like a trusted, experienced partner to assist you in further developing your software development organizations, please contact us to discuss.

Technical Agility

If your processes are responding to change, then your software better be able to respond to change as well. In order for your code to accept changes at any time, it is vital that your have well designed, testable code.  We at ResponseAgility can teach you design principles that will make your code change tolerant as well as the technical practices that will allow you to make changes to your code without fear.  Solid unit testing and continuous integration will allow you to add features and refactor your code and know whether it is still work as it should.

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Personal Agility

People also need to respond to change.  Changing the organization, the roles and responsibilities, can be the most difficult part of an Agile transformation.  The Agile value of People and Interactions over Processes and Tools is essential.

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